Pocket VA



Here’s the deal. Where you’re at in your business, you KNOW you need help. But looking at the numbers – eek! How can you make it happen? As much as you’d love to have a VA on monthly retainer, it’s just not in the cards right now.

So what do you do?

Enter…the Pocket VA!

Ever feel like it would be so great to just have a VA in your pocket, answering your questions, helping you set up systems and procedures, and sharing new ideas?

What if you could get all of the above, but at a fraction of the cost, and without committing to a monthly retainer?

You asked, I answered. Let me be that VA in your pocket. The one you pull out when you have a question about social media or email marketing. The one you pull out when you want to set up a webinar but are clueless about the tech you need to use. The one you pull out to bounce marketing ideas off of.

What you will NOT get from the Pocket VA:

  • I won’t DO the work for you. I won’t be writing your blogs, sourcing your content, or designing your social media images.

What you WILL get from the Pocket VA:

  • I will help you create your own processes for writing your blogs, sourcing your content, or designing your social media images (and any other tasks you need!)
  • I will demonstrate how to set up systems and use tools, including sharing my own personal tip sheets and how-to videos.
  • Unlimited email support for the entire 6 weeks. Anytime you have a question, send me an email. I’ll respond to every email within 24 hours (and if you email me during the day, it’ll be much sooner!)

You’ll have an expert in your pocket, available whenever you have a question, helping you propel forward and teaching you how to tackle all of the tasks, systems, and tools that you need to run your business.

Questions? Shoot me an email (jenny at creativelyvirtual dot com) and I’ll get right back to you.

Ready to have your own Pocket VA? Let’s get started! After payment is received, you’ll receive an email with instructions for moving forward – plus a few bonuses just for taking the leap!

If I was to turn the Pocket VA into a monthly retainer, I’d charge upwards of $800.

Your investment for 6 weeks – just $399. Ready to get started? Click here –>