About Creatively Virtual

Let me introduce myself…

My ncvame is Jenny VanBuskirk and I am the Owner and Creative Director of Creatively Virtual. I have been in the administrative field for over 13 years, working in office settings in the retail, insurance, and real estate industries. Creativity is my passion, and I love finding new and exciting ways to help grow a business! I have worked along side inspiring and powerful people and have helped them follow their dreams and make their businesses a success!

Creatively Virtual has been providing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs since May 2014. I’ve worked with non-profits, brick and mortar small businesses, virtual assistants, online business managers, social media strategists, coaches, speakers, authors, physical product businesses, and more.  I’ve worked alongside teams in first time launches (from creation to launch!) as well as six-figure launches for established coaches and online creators. 

I pride myself on being organized, accessible, and thorough in my work. I love to brainstorm and develop new and exciting ways to help support and grow a business. I thrive on details and deadlines. I am motivated and excited to help you make your business a success!


Why YOU need Creatively Virtual on your side!

You are the brains behind your awesome company. It’s your baby. You took your ideas and created an amazing business! But every business grows to a point where it needs support or it will not succeed. That’s when you need Creatively Virtual.

I help entrepreneurs by being the creative spark they need to reach their goals. With someone passionate and creative in your corner, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level!


Meet Me!

I am a wife and a mother to some pretty awesome kids who keep me on my toes and make me happy! I am an avid list-maker, a lover of theatre (I spent most of my childhood and teen years on stage), and a sports enthusiast. I love to play and watch almost any sport (softball is my favorite!), and am a diehard Detroit sports fan!

I am addicted to all things organization. The way to my heart is a new notebook and a fun pen! Writing and creating and giving are what move me and excite my soul. I dream big dreams, make lots of lists and plans, and try hard to see the positive in every situation.

My favorite words –> Passion and Creativity. I bring both of these traits into everything I do, personally and professionally. I want to help you feel passionate about your business, and I have the creative tools to get you there!

I want to get to know you!


I love connecting with people!

I love meeting new people and cultivating inspiring relationships. I have a lot to give, and I know that I have a lot to learn. Surrounding myself with awesome people makes this entrepreneurial adventure that much more exciting!

Let’s talk about what inspires you, what drives you, what about your business ignites a fire in your soul. Let’s discuss the tasks in your business that prevent you from enjoying your work and your life. Allow me to share with you how I can help you with the tasks that hold you back so that you can move forward with your dreams!

You can find me here…

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Please contact me today! I’d love to talk with you!