2 Years of Creatively Virtual + LTYM + Changes

2yrsofCVSummer has been in full swing at my house! This means the big kids are home from school and we are taking ample trips to the park and to the beach. It also means basketball camp, soccer camp, new clients, and new offers. Summer = busy and wonderful all rolled into one!

Before the summer escapes me, I want to take a minute and acknowledge that Creatively Virtual has been operating for two years now. I can’t believe it! I find myself thinking back to 2009 when I had this idea to start my own business. For the next several years, I put those ideas into multiple notebooks, I watched hundreds of webinars, read tons of books, and did so much research. I took the big leap in the summer of 2014 and never looked back!

What a ride it has been. I’ve worked with clients all over the spectrum – nonprofits, brick and mortar businesses, virtual assistants, online business managers, social media managers, authors, real estate agents, coaches of all types. Some have been monthly retainer, many have been project based. I still am working with three of the clients I took on during my first 6 months of business! These lasting relationships, the friendships I’ve made in the industry, and the immense growth within my business and within me has been more valuable than I can describe.

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One of the big changes I made this summer was beginning to reach out for speaking opportunities. As a kid, I spent most of my summers and weekends performing on stage. I fell in love with musical theatre at the age of 8, and the stage has been in my heart ever since. In May, I had the opportunity to get back on stage for the first time in over eight years (my last experience? I directed a Christmas play for a local church who brought in area schools to watch it… and I played an Angel… and I was 4 months pregnant – never a dull moment with me!). I wrote this post after my experience with Listen to Your Mother. It changed me. It renewed my voice, my passion for the stage, and helped me refocus and find my path again.

Just this week, LTYM posted the videos from all of the 40+ shows in the USA. You can check me out right here, and I encourage you to watch my amazing LTYM Metro Detroit family as well! There are 500 videos from this season, and watching them inspires me as a woman, as a mother, as a creator. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did participating!

As I move forward into my third year of business, I’ve shifted away from offering ALL services to EVERYONE. I’ve found myself more connected to working with clients who are creatives, nonprofits, and people who are doing good in the world. This allows me to really connect with them and their businesses and provide even more stellar services to help them grow.

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AND my big announcement…

As you know, my biggest WHY in my life is my kids. I started my business as a mom of four – my oldest was 8 and my youngest was just 6 months when I landed my first client. Over the last two years, I’ve grown my business from a tiny idea to a thriving company that provides for my family – plus we added one more baby to the mix! If I know how to do anything, it’s how to grow a business while raising a family. So this year, I’m focusing on sharing my knowledge and my talents with fellow mamas who are inspired to take their own leaps and start their entrepreneurial journey. You can join us on Facebook in the Mamas + Biz Building Facebook Group. I’m also offering support to fellow moms as they dig deep and bring their dreams to life. You can check out all of that right here.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Creatively Virtual over the last two years! I hope that this next year brings even more opportunities, inspiring connections, and stronger relationships.

It’s been quite a ride – and I’m ready for whatever comes next!

Dream big!

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