Facebook Personal Page Tweaks to Help Increase Your Visibility

FBpersonalpagetweaksIf you are anything like me, you might just be addicted to Facebook groups. It’s ok – raise your hand, step up, don’t hide! I know I’m not the only one out there!

Facebook groups have become a fantastic way to network and get in front of your audience. I’ve found most of my clients (or they’ve found me!) inside of Facebook groups! I’ve also made some great connections that have turned into friendships thanks to Facebook groups. They are a great tool for online business!

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When I’m inside a Facebook group, if I see a post or comment that interests me, I often click on the person’s name and take a peek at their personal page to see if I can find out more information about their business. I’m not looking for your personal info – I don’t need to know where you live or see pictures of your kids (but hey, I we can totally bond over biz ownership + parenting!). I’m looking for info on what you do. There are two easy ways to share it!

First, link your business page to your personal page. Most online entrepreneurs have a business Facebook page, and even if you aren’t super active on that page, linking it to your personal page allows a clear path for people to find your biz and learn about what you do!

It’s super easy:

  • Go to your personal profile
  • Hover over your business/job experience section on the left side of your personal page – click on the “Edit” pencil icon that pops up (you could also go to your About Page and hover over your work section and click “Edit your work”)
  • Add a workplace if you haven’t already, or hover over your current business and click on “Options” then “Edit”
  • For Company name, type the name of your business page – when it pops up, click on it!
  • Make sure this information is set to Public
  • Click “Save Changes”

Simple, right? That simple tweak allows people who connect with you in groups to have a clear path directly to your business page where they can check out your website and learn about your products and services. I’ve connected with so many people this way, and two of my current clients found me by following my personal page to my business page!

Here’s the second tip. This one isn’t quite as important as the first, but it’s a fun personal touch! Remember the old Facebook set up? You used to be able to edit a little section with whatever you wanted – during my early 20’s I used mine to share whatever song lyric described my current mood. (Oh yeah – mine was like an AIM profile – fist bump if you know what I’m talking about!)

Well, this feature is back, but you can use it in a much more productive way than the younger Jenny did! It’s called an Intro and you can use it to share little blurbs about your life and business.

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to your personal profile
  • Hover over the “Intro” section on the left side of your personal page – it’s near your business and location info – click on the “Edit” pencil icon
  • Type a few words about yourself, your business, what you do, etc. No rules apply here! Whatever you want to share (Note that you can add a website, but it won’t be clickable)
  • Make sure information is set to public
  • Click “Save”

Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 5.34.55 AMYou also can save specific images in this section – up to 5. You could use anything you see fit here! Snapshots of your workspace, quote images, or glimpses into your personal life.

Here’s an important note: these tips are not for everyone. If you are starting a business and still working a full-time job, you may not be ready to share that information, especially if it puts you at risk in your current job. Or maybe there are people on your personal page that you aren’t ready to share with. Or maybe you just have no interest in combining your personal and professional live – that’s fine! I’ve heard several instances where these personal page tips may not apply, and that’s okay. Do what feels right for you!

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Remember that you can’t use your personal page to sell – it’s against Facebook Terms of Service. However, you CAN use your personal page to connect with people – colleagues, potential clients, and more! By allowing them an easy path from your super smart group comments to your business page to your website, you are opening the doors for connections, networking, and ultimately more sales.

Give it a try! Do you have any other Facebook tips that help you connect with fellow movers and shakers? Share in the comments or in The Creative Idea Generator Facebook group!


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