You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up. Your ideas, your passions, your blood, sweat, and tears… all of it has been poured into a business you love!

And now you are in one of two positions:

  1. You are stuck. You aren’t sure what to do next. You are overwhelmed with social media, marketing, your blog, trying to figure out what steps to take when… it’s too much. Your biz is stagnant. You are out of ideas. OR…
  2. You are 100% ready to uplevel your biz! You are ready to take on a team and you need someone with ideas + experience to get you where you want to go.

No matter which position you are in, guess what? Today is your lucky day! I have a solution for you.

I’m Jenny VanBuskirk, owner of Creatively Virtual, and the Idea Generator + Rockstar Virtual Assistant that is going to help you reach your goals and take the business world by storm. With me on your team, you can focus on the stuff that you genuinely LOVE to do – I’ll handle the rest.

Welcome to Creatively Virtual!

I work with creatives, non-profits, online businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to do GOOD in the world. I am excited to partner with socially conscious business owners who are doing business from the heart and striving to do GOOD in their communities (local, online, and around the world). 

I’m here to help you put that creative spark back into your business. You are drowning in the daily to-do lists. You are overwhelmed by your email inbox and you are losing potential customers left and right. You have a million amazing ideas in your head, but you can’t figure out how to put them all together. Marketing and content creation and social media – oh my! There’s just so many balls in the air, it’s hard to keep up. You are ready for your business to move to the next level.

This is why you need me! I am the Virtual Assistant who will help you create your dream business. I am the Virtual Assistant who can take your brilliant ideas and help put them out into the world. I am the spark you need to get motivated, get organized, and feel good about your business again. I will lift that weight right off your shoulders, turning your anxiety into actionable steps that will take your business where you want it to go.

With me handling all the details and the tasks that make your business tick, you can focus on what you love and the reason you created your business in the first place.

I have the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to help your business grow and allow you to do amazing things.


Curious to learn more? Ready to take the leap? Click on the image above and let’s schedule a Take Action Session! You + Me + 30 minutes of heart-to-heart about your biz, your goals, and your dreams. We will work together to develop the strategy that will take you and your business to new heights!